Monday, 22 August 2011

Amicus and Amelius

This is a short version of Amis and Amiloun that appears in the Alphabet of Tales. There are two main differences in the plot of this version. The first is that  Amelius recieves no warning that he might be punished for helping his friend by pretending to be him. The second change to the plot is that Amicus does not talk to his wife before slaghtering his children in order to cure Amelius. Luckily for him his children are found miraculously safe in their beds after Amelius has been cured by bathing in their blood. Good job huh? Can you imagine dinner in that household otherwise...AWKWARD! "So dear how was your day?" "Ah yes I meant to talk to you about that...I spent some time with the children today...and then I nap and had a dream where I found out that the way to cure my friend Amelius' remember Amelius, the one who helped us out when we had that problem with your Dad? Anyway in this dream I was told I could cure him by bathing him in a bath of be more specific childrens blood. So I went ahead and killed the kids. Hope you don't mind?" *icy silence* 

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